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What Does Crabgrass Look Like?

Lawn with crabgrass on it

Dealing with pesky weeds in your lawn? It got to be the frustrating crabgrass. “What does crabgrass look like?” is a question that you need to clear to ensure that you are truly dealing with crabgrass and in this way, apply the correct methods to get rid of it.

So, in this blog post, we’ll talk about crabgrass in deeper detail, and we’ll help you to identify it so that you can take action as soon as possible. Enjoy your read!

What Is Crabgrass?

Digitaria sanguinalis is the scientific name but they are better known for the common names of crabgrass and finger grass. This is a troublesome and invasive weed that spreads quickly

It is well said that the bad weed never dies. Yes, crabgrass is annual, and once it dies it will never come back.

However, crabgrass produces a wide number of seeds that fall to the ground and will germinate in the spring which will consequently produce a new generation of crabgrass, what a bummer isn’t it?

Let’s Learn to Identify Crabgrass!

A man taking crabgrass out of his yard

Crabgrass not only looks unsightly but it is also an invasive and troublesome weed.

Dealing with crabgrass in your lawn can undoubtedly be an overwhelming task and it is expected that you want to get rid of it as soon as possible.

The first step to do so is to identify if you are truly dealing with crabgrass and not another type of weed. In this way, you can ensure that you will apply the correct methods for the extermination.

Therefore, you need to learn to identify crabgrass.

Characteristics of Crabgrass

A great way to identify crabgrass is related to how it got its name. Take a look at its distinctive seed head which is generally developed in the late summer and if it is similar to the crab legs or finger then you are probably dealing with crabgrass.

Another characteristic that will help you identify them is their leaf blades which are generally flat and wide.

How to Get Rid of Crabgrass

A man putting crabgrass in the bag

Hand-pulling can be the first idea that comes to mind when seeking a way to get rid of crabgrass. Sadly, it doesn’t always work like that. I bet that if getting rid of it was as simple as that you would not even be reading this article.

So, as professional landscaping specialized in the care of lawns, we would recommend you try to following tips:

Consider the Use of Herbicides

Weed Control | Lawn Care Services in Ridgefield, CT

Sometimes it is necessary to apply herbicides whether to eliminate crabgrass or just to prevent them.

If you are already dealing with crabgrass you need to buy an herbicide that can effectively eliminate the crabgrass and the seeds.

For example, you could use a post-emergent selective herbicide (fluazifop, quinclorac, or sethoxydim plus oil) to control crabgrass over or around most broadleaved ornamentals.

On the other hand, if you are not dealing with crabgrass yet then pre-emergence herbicides are crucial to ensure that they will not grow in your lawn.

Remember that the greatest victory is that which requires no battle and applying preventive methods is a good choice, you could try Pre-M or Bonide Crabgrass Preventer.

The products mentioned before are examples of efficient herbicides that could help you prevent or eliminate crabgrass but the final decision about which one to choose needs to be supported by a lawn care specialist, and the same happens with the application.

Call Professionals Is the Best Option

Yes, getting rid of crabgrass can be an overwhelming task. Many try many ways to do so but still do not achieve it. Additionally, getting rid of crabgrass implies the use of chemicals that if wrong applied can end up in devasting consequences for your lawn and it involves all the plants around it.

So, calling a professional specialized in lawn care will always be your best option. In this way, you can rest assured that your lawn will be crabgrass-free in a fast and safe way not to mention that you can forget the hassle of doing it yourself.

Keep Your Lawn Looking at Its Best!

Landscaping Services in Wilton, CT

Knowing the characteristics of crabgrass will help answer the question “What does crabgrass look like?” Dealing with it is undoubtedly an overwhelming task so follow the tips we gave you to eliminate crabgrass.

If you definitely want to avoid them or sadly you are already dealing with them you just need to contact the lawn specialists from VS Landscaping LLC to take care of your lawn and ensure that it is completely healthy and without those pesky weeds.

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